Stupid: Cain Organizer Calls Ginger White “Stalking, Defaming, Libeler”

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 at 7:57 am

You would think these amateurs would lay low while Herman Cain decides how to proceed with his imploding campaign. Cain claims he’ll leave it up to his wife, one of his surrogates took to Twitter to trash his latest accuser. That line of attack may have worked in the past for Bill Clinton and his attack squad (remember bimbo eruptions?), but with a faltering campaign and a shrinking reserve of good will among the GOP, nonsense like this won’t fly.

A campaign organizer for GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain on Monday night ripped an Atlanta businesswoman who alleges she had an affair with the candidate, calling her a “stalking, defaming, libeler.”

Former Iowa GOP chairman Steve Grubbs, who is now organizing Cain’s caucus efforts, tweeted: “Stalking, defaming, libeler accuses Cain. Read it in the NYT.”

Grubbs then linked to a New York Times article about Cain’s latest accuser, Ginger White, who on Monday said she carried on a 13-year-long extra-marital affair with the candidate.

According to the Times article, White settled a workplace sexual harassment charge against her employer in 2001, and has a former business partner who sought a “stalking temporary protective order” against her for “repeated emails/texts threatening lawsuit and defamation of character.”

The stalking case was dismissed, but was followed by a libel lawsuit against White. A judge entered a verdict against White in the libel suit after she failed to respond to the charges.

Cain went on CNN on Monday to preemptively deny White’s allegations, saying that she “was a friend” who he was trying to help out financially.

Cain’s wife surely knows her husband has enormous baggage and wasn’t so fond of him running to begin with. I can’t see how much longer she plays along and supports his candidacy.

It’s time for Cain to gracefully bow out of the race. He’s become a punchline and cannot survive any longer.

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2 Responses to “Stupid: Cain Organizer Calls Ginger White “Stalking, Defaming, Libeler””

  1. xamn on 29/29/11 at 9:21 am

    “Libeling” implies this woman will be filed suit against because of possible lies and misinformation against this candidate. I’m still right by Cain’s side until something provable and substantial comes along. Even if Cain did have mistresses, we currently have the provably worst president in American history, and before him we have someone just as bad, and before him we had someone just as bad. I’m ok with Cain screwing around a little bit (or not) if he’s willing to help this country back on it’s feet (all signs point to “he is”).

  2. Fargoguy on 30/30/11 at 9:30 pm

    Seems like playing the race card is very important to Democrats. This is really Chicago style politics on a national level. I was expecting this since Obama became president and it has manifested itself just as I anticipated. Nasty, isn’t it?!

    Since 1933, we’ve had 40% of our presidents who have had affairs or trysts outside of their marriage. If you are without sin, commence firing; throw all the stones you can pick up.

    Sad we choose to elect mediocrity when men who could provide this nation with real leadership and integrity decline and rightly so.