Stunner: Democrat Judge Who Issued Zuccotti Park Order a Long-Time ACLU Lawyer

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 at 9:35 am

Let’s face it. When you need a judge to defy Mayor Bloomberg, go to the most far-left activist judge you can find.

Justice Lucy Billings prepared for the Supreme Court as a lawyer for 25 years at the ACLU National Headquarters and as Litigation Director in Legal Services, handling complex civil rights litigation to enforce new rights for minority, disabled, and low-income persons. She forged new legal remedies by litigating issues not previously addressed in housing, environmental justice, including preventing lead poisoning, public health, child welfare, education, and employment. In 12 years as a judge, she has presided over complicated, high profile cases. They include unlawful attempts to prohibit street artists from selling their work, State agencies’ unlawful procedures for collecting debts, construction site disasters, sexual abuse of schoolchildren, and discriminatory firing of employees. She has written over 200 published decisions. Examples include prohibiting unlawful government practices, recognizing same sex marriages, finding new avenues for recovery by injured construction workers and pothole victims, reforming the standards and procedures for issuing business licenses and granting and revoking parole, and ridding the public markets of corruption and unsanitary conditions.

To no surprise she went to Berkeley.

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