Stunner: Berkeley Protest Turns Violent

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 at 8:01 am

These idiots are obviously taking their cue from their buddies in Oakland. Granted, it could well be some of the same maniacs from Oakland. Whatever the case, mere days into their own little OWS protest at Cal Berkeley, it quickly turned ugly.

Dozens of police in riot gear descended on UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on Wednesday in two violent confrontations with student protesters that prevented them from building an Occupy encampment on the campus.

Campus police arrested seven protesters during an afternoon altercation at the plaza after protesters set up three tents, which police promptly tore down.

By evening, protesters had once again erected tents – this time there were seven. Students joined arms and chanted “hold the line” and “the whole world is watching” while police approached with batons and bean-bag guns. After a brief scuffle, police broke through their line and pulled down the tents. Then officers formed a perimeter on the steps of Sproul Hall.

Andrew Snyder, 25, a graduate student, was locked in arms with fellow protesters when he said he was “crushed” by police as they pushed toward the tents. He said he was surprised the police acted forcefully twice in one day.

“Police don’t usually act violently the first day of a camp going up,” he said. “This just shows us how afraid they are of the Occupy movement.”

These schmucks sure do talk tough, don’t they?

Student Lark Omura captured students’ fury as she screamed at the crowd: “We just spent trillions of dollars on the war, and the politicians tell us we have no money for education! When they tell us there’s no money, it’s a lie!”Protesters then marched onto Telegraph Avenue, pausing at a Bank of America to chant, “Hey hey! Ho ho! Wall Street regents got to go!”

A fun assignment for these people would be to come up with some new mindless slogans to chant.
Here’s some video. The police appear a bit too exuberant.

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