Some Iowa Democrats Becoming Annoyed With “Occupy” Thugs

Posted by on Dec 30, 2011 at 9:46 am

Sorry, folks, you created this monster, so deal with it.

While all the arrests were made peacefully, the change in mood suggests an early, if subtle, indication that the patience of the police, protesters and campaign staff members may be put to the test in the coming days.

“I’m not going to have my people stuck in there,” said Sue Dvorsky, the chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party, who tried to reason with protesters before the police arrived.

Norm Sterzenbach, the executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party, grew angry that protesters were stepping on the flower beds in front of the building and accused them of “threatening behavior” for barricading the doors.

Oh, so now threatening behavior isn’t so hip and cool any more? Only as long as they’re annoying Republicans, we  suppose

“They moved this to a different level,” he said, comparing it to an earlier protest that month.

Holding a sign that identified her as “a child whose voice is not heard,” Frankie Hughes, 14, was arrested, but not detained. She said she had been arrested three or four times before, including once at the State Capitol, but she could not remember the exact number.

“I’m actually proud of her for standing up the way she did,” said Dan Hughes, her father, before driving her away.

Most parents of 14-year-olds would make sure their children don’t have arrest records.

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