SF Obamaville Shut Down

Posted by on Nov 19, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Well, it looks like the public health menace in San Francisco is being shut down. You know your little movement can’t be sustained when even San Francisco doesn’t want you.

San Francisco public works crews moved in on Occupy SF at Justin Herman Plaza early this afternoon to remove dozens of tents on grassy areas along the Embarcedero and in front of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The action met with some nonviolent resistance at the bank, where people locked arms to keep crews from going in and taking down tents and information tables.

At the other site, there appeared less confrontation as several people quickly shook off their tarps, packed up their tents and moved to other locations within the encampment. But city crews wearing blue disposable jumpsuits, gloves and paper masks over their mouths removed tents when people didn’t move quickly enough.

City officials said the belongings would be stored rather than thrown away. The crews carrying large garbage bags also picked up accumulated trash at the sites.

On Thursday, city authorities declared the encampment a public health nuisance and posted notices. Today was the next step. The city wanted the tents off the grassy areas.

“We’re trying to make them compliant,” said Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, who has been in regular contact with camp representatives for weeks.

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