Sensenbrenner to Apologize for Calling Moochelle a Fat Ass

Posted by on Dec 22, 2011 at 8:08 am

Well,  someone claims he’ll be contacting her office or something. Let this be a lesson to politicians. Watch what you say in public, as sneaky Democrat operatives may always be listening.

Mr. Sensenbrenner was referring to the First Lady’s healthy food initiative.  He doesn’t think the government should be telling Americans what to eat.  While he may not agree with all of her initiatives, he plans to contact the First Lady’s office to apologize for his comments.

You’ve got to chuckle, though, that pretty much every story condemning Sensenbrenner delights in the fact he’s also overweight. So you can’t point out her fat ass, but you can mention his.

“I don’t think you should be judging her because of her natural shape,” said another.

Some pointed out that Sensenbrenner isn’t exactly skinny.

“If you’re going to be commenting about someone’s looks, saying they might be a little overweight, then I think you may want to look in the mirror,” said Herndon resident Joe Porter.

But others say the First Lady can be hypocritical. She has been criticized for pushing exercise and healthy eating and then getting photographed eating very unhealthy foods.

Sensenbrenner was just pointing out the obvious: This imperious woman lectures everyone on what they should eat yet her and her husband constantly are seen eating unhealthy food in public. Not only that, we don’t see stories every day extolling the virtues of his toned arms or pretending  he’s some kind of model.

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