Scantily Clad Men Viewed As Less Competent

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Men who show skin are viewed as more sensitive, but less competent than those who are fully clothed, suggests new study that shows a similar response to scantily clad women.

The research reveals that semi-naked people aren’t necessarily viewed as mindless objects, but are instead attributed a different kind of mind, study researcher Kurt Gray, a University of Maryland psychologist, said in a statement.

“An important thing about our study is that, unlike much previous research, ours applies to both sexes,” Gray said.

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One Response to “Scantily Clad Men Viewed As Less Competent”

  1. Jim Hlavac on 15/15/11 at 7:10 pm

    Yes, well, they’re not called “bimbos” for nothing. On the other hand, we gay guys have a saying about the Speedo clad cheerleaders in our political protests (aka, Pride Marches,) “bodies by Bowflex, brains by Mattel.”

    Oh, I know you’re picking on Obama, not a problem for me; conservative tea party guy I am. But man, I just got to laugh at this no-doubt government funded study — which like every other gov’t study, completely ignores the fact that upwards of 5% of men are gay – and thus this skews the results of any “study” which presupposes that all men are hetero. They could have come down to a gay bar and asked us for virtually free — “Are near naked men smarter and more respectable than clothed men?” When we were done laughing we would’ve said: “Um, no.”

    But they are, indeed, more, um, “sensitive.” :)

    (Oh don’t worry ’bout me; my gay friends are up in arms about your OWS reportage to which I enlighten them. Thanks. hehehe.)