Sad: After Being Evicted From Edmonton, Five-Man Protest Shows Up in Calgary

Posted by on Dec 05, 2011 at 9:31 am

Five people is a protest now? Really?

After being evicted in Edmonton, five Occupy demonstrators have taken their protest about 300 kilometres south to Calgary.

On Friday, five protesters from Edmonton started setting up tents in Olympic Plaza park which has been the epicentre of Calgary’s Occupy movement.

Their migration came just hours after a Calgary judge reserved his decision on the city’s request to dismantle the protest camp, leaving the future of the Occupy protest there up in the air.

Two of the new protesters had been arrested back in Edmonton, reported CTV Calgary. It’s not yet clear why the demonstrators were arrested.

Just a day after their arrival, the Edmonton protesters had a run-in with a couple of Calgary bylaw officers who handed them $100 tickets for smoking in the park.

Probably won’t be long until police find five frozen corpses. Things get a little chilly in Alberta this time of year.

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