Rob Andrews (D-NJ): Yeah, Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Spent $9K in Campaign Cash on Donor’s Wedding

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 at 3:14 pm

They’re only sorry when they get caught. This story barely made a ripple the other day and considering he’s a Democrat in a safe seat, we figure he had carte blanche to do as he pleased. Who knows, maybe he’s actually concerned 2012 will be such a disaster even he may be in trouble.

Rep. Rob Andrews is refunding his campaign account for the money he used to take his family to Scotland for a donor’s wedding.

While maintaining that the funds were spent legally, Andrews said chatter about them has become a distraction.

“All personal aspects of the trip were paid in full from our family’s personal funds. It is apparent, however, that discussions about this issue will interfere with the work my constituents have entrusted me to do,” said Andrews (D-1st Dist.) in a statement. “There is nothing I value in public life more than the trust and respect of my constituents.”

Yeah, whatever. Here are some of those “personal aspects” paid for with campaign dough:

In Scotland, Andrews used campaign funds to pay $7,725 for three nights in the five-star Balmoral Hotel. They also paid for a $463 wedding gift through the campaign funds, as well as $953 in other expenses.

I’ve noticed a lot of Democrats paying lip service to veterans of late, as if they really cared about the military. Andrews is apparently also in that camp now.

Andrews said he’ll return the roughly $9,000 to his campaign account, then direct it to a charity for homeless veterans.

While hiding behind the homeless vets, Andrews failed to address other key points from the original story.

The Star-Ledger report highlighted several other instances of unorthodox spending by Andrews’ campaign fund that he did not address in the statement.

For instance, he relied on campaign cash to pay most of the expenses for a party at his Haddon Heights home, celebrating both his 20 years in Congress and his daughter’s high school graduation.

He has also donated tens of thousands of dollars to Philadelphia theaters that have given another daughter prominent roles in their productions.

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