Romney Appointee Provides Occupy Boston Two-Week Stay of Execution

Posted by on Dec 01, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Despite squalid conditions that the fire marshal says make the hairs on his neck stand up, some hack judge today allowed the Occupy Boston vermin to remain a blight on the Boston landscape. A shame it’s gotten to this point that the city is mired in court, wasting taxpayer money. If the mumbling imbecile they call Mayor wasn’t such an unabashed supporter this mess would have been shut down weeks ago.

From the Herald:

A judge today granted Occupy Boston at least two more weeks to camp out in Dewey Square, despite testimony from a fire marshal that the conditions at the tent city were so perilous that they “made the hair on my neck stand up.”

After a four-hour hearing during which city lawyers battled the protestors’ legal team over public safety concerns versus free speech rights, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Frances McIntrye opted to take the thorny case under advisement, holding off ruling until no later than Dec. 15. McIntyre left her temporary restraining order in place, barring the city from removing the protesters without the judge’s permission, except in cases of dire emergency or major criminal incident.

“I fear for the lives and safety of every person on that property,” Boston Fire Marshal Bart Shea told the judge, adding that “highly flammable” blue tarps covering many of the more than 100 tents at the site would act as “napalm” and cause fire to race from on tent to another.

He added that he found discarded cigarette butts littered all over the encampment, where until recently hay had been placed on the ground to insulate tents and soak up water.

“It would have been a nightmare at night to get out of there,” he said, noting that people would get trapped in their tents or get trampled to flee a blaze because guy wires blocking narrow walkways would create tripping hazards. “It makes the hair on my neck stand up.”

They’re waiting for a martyr to the cause, I guess. And get a load of the stones on this dude:

A witness for Occupy, protester K. Eric Martin, said the camp needs to be in Dewey Square because it is the heart of the city’s financial district, opposite the Federal Reserve building, and the site is fundamental to Occupy’s message of challenging corporate greed.

“Without having the physical occupation, that message would be impossible,” Martin said.

Over to you, Mittens.

Gov. Mitt Romney nominated Boston attorneys Frances A. McIntyre and D. Lloyd MacDonald for seats on the Superior Court. Both are former prosecutors now in private practice specializing in civil litigation.

Oops.  Granted, this is Massachusetts we’re talking about.

There was at least a little something to laugh about today.

In a slightly humorous turn of events, the judge warned protestors against “tinkle fingers,” a sign of approval used at Occupy Boston General Assemblies instead of cheers.

I’m thinking they meant twinkle, although tinkle may be more appropriate for these people.

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