Rev. Jackson’s funeral message comes too late to help Smokin’ Joe

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 at 7:04 pm

There’s nothing like a funeral to bring out the fakers, phonies and frauds.

At Joe Frazier’s funeral in Philadelphia on Monday, America’s Stage Hog, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, delivered one of the eulogies.

Jackson preached the too-little, too-late take on Frazier, the take that right-headed people held 40 years ago. Frazier, Jackson declared, never got the respect and admiration he so richly deserved.

Is that right, Rev. Jackson?

So where were you when it really counted? Where were you when Muhammad Ali mocked Frazier as “a gorilla?” Why didn’t you step to the podium then to censure Ali’s inflammatory and divisive condemnations of Frazier as “The White Man’s Champion?”

Frazier didn’t get the respect and admiration he earned and deserved? Really? Then where was Jackson when Ali verbally brutalized Frazier as a moron, and as an ugly, sub-human primate?

One other thing about Frazier’s funeral, attended by Ali, or what’s left of him, and Don King. The news/sports media, as always, reported that Ali is afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease.

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