Putin’s Strategy for Russia: “Nationwide Psychotherapy”

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 at 5:16 pm

We’ll probably wind up needing a lot of psychotherapy ourselves if Obama gets re-elected.

Vladimir Putin has vowed to give Russians a dose of ‘nationwide  psychotherapy’ rather than submit to the demands made by protesters in a spate of street rallies.

Hinting at new media controls, he demanded the government boost its presence on TV and the internet despite already heavily controlling major news outlets.

Facing the greatest political crisis in his 12 years at the top of the Russian government, he attacked officials for ‘ineffectively’ getting his message across and insisted: ‘It is necessary to step up these efforts.’

He claimed Russians needed ‘nationwide psychotherapy’ to ‘instil people with confidence in the future’, arguing that this is what President Franklin D Roosevelt did with his radio ‘fireside chats’ during the Great Depression.

One opposition blogger hit back, writing: ‘Putin is the one who urgently needs psychotherapy.’

Another said: ‘This is democracy Putin-style – psychotherapy for society with the help of the media and all are happy and sure about tomorrow.’

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