Protesters Planning to Shut Down Wall Street With a ‘Street Carnival’ Thursday

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 at 7:03 pm

This will end well.

Protesters hope to shut down Wall Street on Thursday — home to the New York Stock Exchange — by holding a street carnival to mark the two-month anniversary of their campaign against economic inequality.

Protest organizers acknowledged that the “day of action” could be the group’s most provocative yet, and could lead to mass arrests and further strain relations with city authorities.

“I think we’re certainly going into this with our eyes wide open, but (the march is) to provoke ideas and discussion, not to provoke any violent reactions,” said Occupy Wall Street spokesman Ed Needham.

I think it is very difficult to do a day of action and not expect some sort of reaction from the (authorities),” he said.

So, expect violence.

The protesters plan to march to Wall Street from their camp headquarters in a park two blocks away and then spread out across the city’s subway system to tell the stories of disenfranchised Americans. They will reconvene later on Thursday for a march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hey, I have an idea.  How about clearing the park when these self-important miscreants are off on their city-wide scavenger hunt for the last remaining New Yorker who isn’t sick to death of their nonsense?

“We will shut down Wall Street,” a post on the movement’s Facebook page said. “We will ring the People’s Bell, and initiate a street carnival in which we rebuild and celebrate the neighborhoods that the Wall Street economy has destroyed.”

The group promises a “a block party the 1 percent will never forget.”

They really are delusional.

3 Responses to “Protesters Planning to Shut Down Wall Street With a ‘Street Carnival’ Thursday”

  1. Lisa Bruz on 14/14/11 at 8:56 pm

    Seriously, while the “kiddies” are off reaping destruction on Wall Street, NYC needs to send in the cops and rid the park of these miscreants. Tear down the tents and send in the hoses and watch them return sucking their thumbs all the way back to mommy and daddy’s basement. The Mayor needs to grow a set.

  2. Ozzy Osbourne on 14/14/11 at 9:41 pm

    Again, I will offer my services. No thanks necessary. To be rid of this nonsense quick:
    Fire hoses.
    Set to ‘just above freezing’.