Poll: Only 41% Say Obama Will Be Re-elected

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 at 8:18 am
Barack Obama

Obviously it’s because he’s black, as Eric Holder would say. More likely, however, it’s because he’s hopelessly incompetent.

President Obama will be a one-term president, said nearly half of registered voters polled by The Hill.

While 46 percent of likely voters predicted Obama will lose next year, 41 percent said he will win, a narrow margin just outside the poll’s margin of error that reflects the public’s split opinion about the president. The remaining 13 percent were unsure.

When it comes to grading his first term, 51 percent of polled voters said Obama was either a failure (37 percent) or not very successful (14 percent), while 48 percent said he was either very successful (16 percent) or somewhat successful (32 percent).

Predictably, 77 percent of Republicans said there will be no second term for Obama while 70 percent of Democrats said there will be. Independents predicted 43 percent to 40 percent that Obama will be reelected, but that 3-point difference was within the poll’s margin of error. If the 17 percent of independents who are unsure could be persuaded to break Obama’s way, they could be the key to his victory.

But that scenario looks unlikely, as a majority (54 percent) of independents think his first-term performance has been unsuccessful (18 percent said it has not been very successful and 36 percent said it has been a failure).

More like a miserable failure.

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