Pitiful: Only 225 People Show Up for Free Tickets to Obama Event in PA

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 at 9:47 am

The failed president will be appearing in Joe Biden’s hometown tomorrow for another campaign appearance on the public dime, and in a sign how hugely unpopular he is  only a couple hundred Obamatons lined up to get their free tickets.

I guess they’ll have to bus in some unions goons to make it look as if he’s still got support.

When Hillary Clinton was on the campaign trail in 2008 and spoke at Scranton High School, the line to get tickets a few days before her appearance stretched about 1,000 people long.

Monday’s line to grab the available free tickets to President Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday was noticeably shorter — about 225 people were waiting when the doors opened for the distribution.

“It’s a little disappointing to see that,” said Cathy Kneeland, 64, of Scranton, who showed up more than three hours early to stand in line and found herself second. “You would think more people would want to see the president speak.”

That’s the problem, Cathy. We’ve heard him speak way too much and he’s got nothing to say, other than blaming anyone and everyone for his myriad failures.

Barbara Yavuchak of Scranton said while she’s “very worried” about the country, she was, like many Obama supporters standing in line Monday, blaming Republicans for blocking much of what Obama has tried to get done.

Typical Obama supporter: Completely clueless that he had two years with huge Democrat majorities and got nothing done, other than shoving a hugely unpopular ObamaCare plan down our throats. But I guess when Republicans took the House in 2010 they were sent there to be a rubber stamp for Obama?

Seriously, can these people be any more obtuse?

“I feel very sorry for (Obama),” she said. “He stepped into a terrible situation. But it hasn’t made me not support him. I know quite a few people who have (lost faith in Obama), but I know what he’s up against.”

No, Barbara, you don’t. Feel sorry for him all you want, but that won’t change the fact the guy is wrong for America.

Update:  The story at the link was revised so the headline now reads More than 1,000 people to see Obama in Scranton.

Pathetic. I guess they found enough shiftless layabouts to take more tickets. Probably had to bribe them with free cigarettes and cheeseburgers.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the actual number of tickets distributed to see President Obama on Wednesday.

Here’s a look at the massive crowd that originally gathered.


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14 Responses to “Pitiful: Only 225 People Show Up for Free Tickets to Obama Event in PA”

  1. John Fox on 29/29/11 at 12:32 pm

    Thank you for explaining the utter cluelessness of most of Obama’s dwindling fan base. Some people will never see the light. As someone once said…a true leader does NOT blame everyone else for the situation he or she is in. They deal with the problems, they work things out. Obama disappears every time there’s a tough decision to be made. He would just prefer to vote present, it’s a lot easier. He knew what he was getting into, no one held a gun to his head to take the job. Hello…it’s your policies Mr. Harvard guy that don’t work and never will…look at Europe, it’s just about over for them. Gov’t does not have the answers, release the regulation strangle hold on businesses to create and innovate, then you will see some growth and prosperity. Get out of the way…JF

  2. deimos on 29/29/11 at 12:46 pm

    My wife and I went to Scranton on vacation once and that isn’t a statement you see every day. It’s a democrat town and trying to reason with them is like trying to pick up a dog turd by the clean end.

  3. hutch1200 on 29/29/11 at 1:06 pm

    Scranton HS is 4 miles from my house. My hardcore donk “connected”, family isn’t even going. They’re still pissed since the last time he was here for St Patricks day, and didn’t even think to bring a Green tie! You’ll find more Dems in a 10 acre patch of woods, trying to feed their families during deer season now, than these old white biddies who’ve been “pulling the droogy lee-ver” for the dems since FDR. And they all vote dem ‘cuz their “cuzint in-la’ (relative) has a janitor job for the county, and would hate to see him lose his job if a sane Repub got in there.
    Right now, Lackawanna county is raising taxes 48% and the distressed city of Scranton is trying to get their tax increase down to 29%.
    Nobody will do biz in Scranton because they have a Mercantile tax that goes like this. You’re a car dealer and you buy a car from the manufacturer for 10k. You owe the city 2%. You sell the car for 9k, but still pay 2% of the 10k. And that goes for every goods/services. Every biz is locating 1” outside the city, and they get 100% of zero! But they keep pulling the donk lever. Glad I live/work in the ‘burbs. Fools. They desrve this.

  4. hutch1200 on 29/29/11 at 1:17 pm

    Link to local news. Normally, w/a crowd of 400, every single one of those tickets would have been grabbed up beforehand by the local Ward Bosses. Since this is an event open to the public, and they’re not even canceling classes is very telling. Perhaps they need the students for props in case they don’t have enough ppl to fill the 400 seat gym!

  5. Rlynh on 29/29/11 at 1:47 pm

    Obamatons are not clueless. They’ve been confronted with reality day after day after day. They are willfully refusing to give up their fantasies, that’s all, because to do so would reveal uncomfortable truths about themselves. Obtuse barely describes it.

  6. Rose on 29/29/11 at 8:07 pm

    How precious. Just precious.

    They prolly had to pay the vagrants at least an “Occupy” per diem to attend.

  7. Grizzly on 29/29/11 at 8:34 pm

    It’s easy to *distribute* a bunch of leftover tickets. That just means that you hand them out. That ain’t the same thing as the recipients using those tickets to actually attend the event. Let’s see what the actual head count at the event is.

  8. Jeff Kline on 1/01/11 at 7:06 am

    What I’ve noticed here with these folks is that it’s not necessarily the skin color that is so supportive of Obama.

    These people appear to be work-a-day type folks; particularly fast food workers, health care workers and the like. You have to remember that a lot of health care workers are “trained” in how to turn patients in beds at regular *scheduled* intervals, how to administer medicines in a little cup to patients at regular *scheduled* intervals; and things like that. This is what they were trained for. Think about that a second and let it ferment in the mind. They had to be “trained” on how to do that! These folk do not have the capacity to understand government, and likely thought it was so boring that they didn’t care.

    Obama was black, and so many liked his promise of taking money from those that earned it and giving it to those that didn’t. That is what they are clinging to.

    And it appears that a small group still are clinging waiting for their free house; their free cars, free food, free big screen TV’s and free iPad2’s!!!