Peter King Really Fond of OWS Protesters: “They Were Absolute Lowlifes”

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 at 12:33 pm


Nice to see a congressman tell it like it is instead of the mealy-mouthed drivel most of the pols are spewing.

He also blasted the media for the way they covered the protests.

They were absolute lowlifes and they were somehow exalted as being freedom fighters. A public park means it should be open to the public. And except for them nobody else could use that park.”

Mr. Imus cut in to say that while he disapproved of dirt and filth, he had no problem with drugs and sex.

Mr. King was having none of it.

A bunch of lowlife people down there. What that does to the neighborhood. The rapes that were going on. These people were on the outs of society and somehow we exault them to some kind of sainthood.”



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