OWS Terrorists Now Call for Firebombings: “We’re Going to Burn New York City to the Ground”

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 at 11:20 am

The video says it all.

While the official movement is planning its day of action, other individuals seem to be making plans of their own.

In a video posted on YouTube after protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park, a demonstrator in the crowd says “On the 17th, we’re going to burn New York City to the ground.”

Later in the video, he then goes on to say “No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

The official movement is calling for only non-violent action during its marches and rallies on Thursday.

Remember, if you see something, say something.

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6 Responses to “OWS Terrorists Now Call for Firebombings: “We’re Going to Burn New York City to the Ground””

  1. Thomas Monopoly on 16/16/11 at 11:40 am

    are you an idiot? why waste your time posting videos of agitated people making empty threats? do you really think he even knows how to make a molotov cocktail?

    but nice try at stirring up the fear in the right-wing lunatic fringe.

  2. Jay Are on 16/16/11 at 11:44 am

    You found a video of one frustrated man and you say he represents all of OWS? This is called spin… a campaign designed to discredit this movement. It’s been going on since the beginning and is supported/instigated by the same people that own this website.

    This statement was written by an IT Professional, currently living above the poverty line. I fully support Occupy Wall Street and laugh at your inane attempts to make everyone look bad, as there was not a mass riot, nor was there any actionable offense shown – it was one man ranting, which isn’t hard to find anywhere on any subject.

    I also find it amusing that you refuse to show their side (OWS’s) of the story – not one single video of police brutality, despite a plethora of video from which to choose. Not one single story mentioning WHY they are here and are not going away. Your narrow views support your corporation’s agenda, which is EXACTLY what #OWS is protesting AGAINST. We see through your corruption. Cheers.

  3. A Conservative Teacher on 16/16/11 at 1:34 pm

    I’ve sent the Obama White House several emails pointing out the obvious threat these groups pose… but keep getting replies from him saying that he supports the terrorists and bad guys. I think there is some sort of miscommunication here?

  4. Rob Crawford on 16/16/11 at 4:19 pm

    Jeez, you OWS groupies are sensitive.

    JWF doesn’t need to act as the OWS press agent — the MSM is doing that. We’ve heard all the claims, and seen the reality of them. “Police brutality” — like the girl whining that the police reacted poorly to having rocks thrown at them. Or the ones who cut policemen with hidden knives. Or the ones who went to an OWS camp with an improvised bomb.

    As for corruption — you realize the OWS is LITERALLY corrupt? As in rotten, filthy, degraded. You have no cause you can openly express; most of your support comes from people looking for a free ride and from far, far left-wing astroturf groups.

    Grow up, cut your hair, and get a job.

  5. 1%-erWhoEarnedEveryDime on 17/17/11 at 6:02 pm

    These morons disgust me. Yeah, I’m in the 1% and I earned it over 30 yrs of working my butt off and making personal sacrifices to go where the work was. I’ve never exploited anyone, stolen anything or stepped on anyone to get where I am. To the contrary, I’ve helped many people who reported to me achieve success. I’ve conducted myself with absolute integrity and worked up to 100-hr weeks for months on end.

    Yet, these Marxist losers hate me without knowing the first thing about me or how I’ve lived my life.

    Go home, get a job and make your own way in the world. It’s time to grow up and wake up and realize NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING.