OWS Losers Try to Take Over a Church, Fail Miserably

Posted by on Dec 17, 2011 at 7:14 pm

As these deranged “Occupiers” enter the death throes of their sad, little movement, it appears they’ll do anything for attention. I guess these intellectual titans finally came up with a brilliant plan to really win over public support: Trying to “occupy” a church that refuses to allow them to camp out on their property. Heck, why not just go occupy a kindergarten? I’m sure the five-years-olds would support the childish antics.

About 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters flooded the Trinity Church property they had vowed to take over in lower Manhattan on Saturday but were quickly pursued by cops.

The protesters who were gathering all day next to the property erected and climbed over portable wooden steps in the late afternoon.

Once inside the fenced-in area, Mike Sweeney, 22, said he was met with chaos.

“I just saw everyone starting to run,” said Sweeney, of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“(Police) came in with the clubs out and ready to hit people,” he said. “For a second it really felt like we had it.”

He said he escaped by going under the fence.

“When I was just getting out, I think the person behind me got pulled back under the fence by a cop,” he said.

Cops corralled about 30 protesters and put them on a bus. Police confirmed they made arrests but provided no details.

Maneola Madeira, 26, of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, got in by going under the fence.

“We were all cheering,” she said, but cops came in wielding batons. “I don’t think we provoked anybody.”

“We have no weapons,” she said. “We’re not aggressive.”

Yeah, I guess trying to take over a church is just some peaceful aggression.

Church officials have said they supported the movement but that their property wasn’t available for occupation. OWS had warned their ranks might try to seize property anyway.
Seriously, who the hell do these people think they are? You know what’s really sad? The church actually supports these goons, and this is what they get.
“Trinity has clearly shown its support for the wider goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and has aided protesters directly through pastoral care and extensive use of parish facilities. They have said ‘yes’ to requests for meeting space, bathroom facilities, private conference rooms, housing referrals, and pastoral care, and continue to look for ways to provide direct support to those who identify with the movement in Lower Manhattan,” Bishop Sisk said. “Providing private land without facilities for indeterminate usage, however, poses significant health and safety concerns, and is beyond the scope of Trinity’s mission. To this, the parish has reasonably said, ‘no.’”
They might want to reconsider their support.
Here’s video of these freaks.  Truly sickening.


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14 Responses to “OWS Losers Try to Take Over a Church, Fail Miserably”

  1. Travis Wilde on 18/18/11 at 2:23 am

    I live in NYC and I’m familiar with the general area in question. The news reports and blog posts confuse me.
    Check the map (Google will do) for Duarte Plaza. From what I can make out, the contested property owned by Trinity Church, is in the area around Canal Street at Sixth Avenue near Varick Street. This is about a mile north of Trinity Church which is on Broadway where it meets Wall Street.
    Comments seem to imply that OWS is (are?) trying to infest the churchyard itself which is a landmark cemetery, but the news has the protesters invading some church-owned vacant property near Duarte Plaza, yet the two sites seem to be conflated.
    Can someone clear this up?
    I’m in no way supportive of OWS and I can’t see even the most sympathetic church administrator allowing what would be a desecration of historic graves; are these criminals trying to occupy what happens to be property owned by the church up near Greenwich Village, or are they trying to set up camp next to the church itself?

  2. el polacko on 18/18/11 at 3:06 am

    what the hell is WRONG with these people ?! after all this time, i still can’t figure out what they WANT. is screaming and jumping up and down while taking pics of each other destroying property this “new world” about which they chant ? if so, i think i’ll stick with the old world…but thanks anyway.

  3. rich b on 18/18/11 at 3:23 am

    From what I have seen these OWS losers fall into two catagories. The older, balding, pony-tail wearing sixties hippies who are in some pathetic fashion reliving their great college experiences and Chicago “days of rage” triumphs while struggling to remain relivant as they grow older.

    And the second group are just plain anarchist douchebags with nothing better to do than raise hell and trash other peoples property.

    One final irony and thought – It’s interesting to note the second group is the legacy of the first.

  4. Aaron Burr on 18/18/11 at 12:18 pm

    BelchSpeak on 17/17/11 at 8:30 pm

    Alexander Hamilton is buried there.

    Some of the occupiers contacted me in a seance, and I told them to go for it

  5. Rlynh on 18/18/11 at 1:34 pm

    Pointless. And largely mindless. I hope it was worth the arrest record, because if they thought it was hard to get a job before…

  6. the wolf on 18/18/11 at 1:50 pm

    I suppose it would be wrong to just start clubbing these a$$holes, but I can’t say I’d lose sleep over it.

  7. srdem65 on 18/18/11 at 10:51 pm

    Just how does living in a tent on property owned by someone else translate into changing our capitalist system into a socialist state?

  8. Blue Collar Todd on 19/19/11 at 9:54 am

    This in line with squatting in foreclosed homes. They are targeting private property now, seeking to redistribute that into their ranks. I can see some responsible mortgage paying citizen confronting these Occupiers in his neighborhood and then the guy’s house is suddenly vandalized.

  9. Tim on 20/20/11 at 1:40 pm

    I find it rather hypocritical that the church supports the OWS idiots when they ‘occupy’ someone else’s private property, but their private property is “not available for occupation”.

  10. Rob Crawford on 21/21/11 at 12:23 pm

    ” I can see some responsible mortgage paying citizen confronting these Occupiers in his neighborhood and then the guy’s house is suddenly vandalized.”

    Really? I can see some OWS thugs threatening a home owner, then trying to ingest high velocity doses of copper and lead.

    You’ll notice they don’t pull their stunts in places that allow self defense. Castle doctrine for the win!

  11. weew on 31/31/11 at 10:05 am

    Every day we hear a story in the news about some mob getting out of hand somewhere, if not OWS it’s a flash mob in some big city, or a riot at McDonald’s, or a group of “teens” who go berserk in a shopping mall. When a mob gets violent it has no thought, morals, or self-governance and becomes very dangerous.

    The question is, how long until someone opens fire? And then what?