OWS Finding New and Creative Ways to Annoy People

Posted by on Dec 04, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Believe it or not, these schmucks are now protesting a church and threatening a hunger strike. We can only hope for mass starvation at this point.

While Midtown is teeming with jugglers and puppeteers for its Occupy Broadway debut, another, less festive demonstration is going on downtown. In an effort to convince Trinity Wall Street, an Episcopal church downtown, to let Occupy Wall Streeters use a vacant area of land it owns on Canal and Sixth Avenue, the protesters are going on a hunger strike.

For a group in tatters, they’re awfully demanding.

On Saturday, December 3, in Liberty Plaza, we—THE OWS HUNGER STRIKERS—will begin a hunger strike. We are striking to demand outdoor space for a new occupation. We will hold our strike, for its duration, outside at Duarte Square on Sixth Avenue and Canal Street in Manhattan as part of a continued effort seeking sanctuary on Trinity Wall Street’s unused and vacant lot of land. Should we be arrested, we will continue the strike in jail. We are calling on Occupiers across the nation to join us.

This is a call for escalation in response to the escalated levels of government-enacted violence and repression The Occupy Movement has endured over the last few weeks. In cities across the nation, Mayors chose to stifle freedom of speech and the right to assemble by evicting peaceful occupations using illegal and unconstitutional force. Here in NYC, in the middle of the night on November 14, billionaire Mayor Bloomberg used the NYPD to illicitly evict our community from Liberty Square.

The church actually supports these morons and this is what they get. They responded”

Trinity’s position has been consistent and clear. Trinity has provided meeting and gathering spaces as well as a tranquil place at church facilities in and around Wall Street. Thousands of protesters use these facilities every week. However, the enclosed lot at Duarte Square is not available nor is it suitable for large-scale assemblies or encampments. It has no facilities and is licensed to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council for interim outdoor art exhibits which will resume in the spring.

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