OWS Animals Getting Free Healthcare

Posted by on Nov 06, 2011 at 4:49 pm

No, not the two-legged animals.

Dogged supporters of Occupy Wall Street are getting some free medical care — thanks to volunteer veterinarians at Zuccotti Park.

Protesters’ pets – including pooches, cats and rats – can receive check-ups once a week from a ragtag band of animal caretakers doling out shots and deworming and flea treatments.

They may want to also deworm and delouse the protesters.

A supporter of the Occupy movement, Barksy said he started volunteering when he saw a need man’s best friends were among the 99% protesting at the park.

“I supported OWS right from the beginning,” he said. “On the second night I realized there were a lot of animals here. I figured the best way I could participate would be giving my skills.”

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