Oof: Cain Clueless on Libya, Collective Bargaining

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 at 5:52 pm

The Cain Train has officially run off the tracks. He may have had scant hopes of surviving the sexual harassment allegations, but how do you withstand this shocking level of cluelessness?


This is even worse.


His candidacy’s now basically an experiment to see if there’s anything he could say about policy that grassroots conservatives wouldn’t ignore/forgive in the name of nominating a candidate who’s “authentic” instead of some slick RINO Beltway insider phony (many of whom at least oppose collective bargaining for PEUs). Is there anything? Or can any screw-up be dismissed so long as it’s “clarified” a few hours later, knowing full well that undecideds won’t be as forgiving if he pulls something like this in a debate against Obama? How steep is the authenticity grading curve here, exactly?

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