Olbermann Desperately Trying to Stay Hip and Relevant

Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 at 4:21 pm

So how does the obscure cable nonentity try to stay in the public eye? Why, by sending tweets to someone as equally loathsome as he is.

You might remember Keith from when he had a TV show on MSNBC. It was a comedy show that took itself seriously. It was cancelled and Olbermann went on to become Current TV’s “Chief News Officer.” For those of you who live in the real world, Current TV is a cable channel you probably have but have never watched and “Chief News Officer” is a made up title to make Keith feel important. He has a legendary ego and psyche as fragile as a snowflake.

Keith, ever desperate for attention now that his twitter feed reaches more people than his television show, felt the need to defend Maher and take a swipe at Fox News in the process.

Olbermann tweeted: “For all those calling for @BillMaher to go to hell for the Tebow tweet: a) shut up b) you know why it’s hell, right? Fox News is on tv there.”

See what he did there? First, he kissed up to a guy whose show he’d like to be a guest on, which will probably work since Maher loves having choir members on so he can preach to them. He also took a swipe at Fox News by saying they’re on in Hell.

The fact is, Hell’s cable package probably does have Fox News, and MSNBC, CNN, Bravo and all the channels people actually watch. What it probably doesn’t have is Current TV. Then again, it might. But, just like here on Earth, no one watches it.


Speaking of Fox, they continue to dominate the cable news ratings, something Olbermann won’t ever be in danger of doing.

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