Occupying the Police Blotter

Posted by on Nov 19, 2011 at 10:20 am

The Occupy crime wave continues unabated. Apparently their goal is to have the police join the 1% by accruing massive amounts of overtime.

San Francisco’s public health department has declared the Occupy San Francisco encampment in Justin Herman Plaza a public health nuisance. But city authorities are so far allowing the demonstrators to remain in the plaza despite making their declaration Thursday. Barbara Garcia, head of the city’s public health department, said the grassy area being used by the campers has been found to contain feces and have inadequate toilet facilities. Conditions for the spread of respiratory illnesses have also been present. Protesters feared that they would be evicted overnight, but the camp was not raided.

Just poop.

Meanwhile, it’s hammer time in Maine.

Police have charged two OccupyMaine activists with assault and arrested a third on a disorderly conduct charge in two separate disturbances at an encampment at a Portland park. Police say 45-year-old Alan Porter was hit in the head with a hammer Friday morning after he started drumming to awaken the other occupants. One 34-year-old man was charged with aggravated assault, and another 34-year-old man was given a summons for assault for allegedly choking Porter. On Thursday night, a 25-year-old man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after police responded to the report of a fight. WCHS-TV reports that the city has asked to meet with OccupyMaine on Monday to discuss code violations and the amount of calls for service to police.

Good times.

In Boston they’re wondering what that smell is.

The Boston Globe (http://b.globe.com/sQjCYb) reports that Chairwoman Georgia Murray also wrote that sanitary conditions have worsened, farmers selling food in the area have seen sales decline because of “noise, odors, and interference” from demonstrators, and the camp has shown “disturbing signs of drug dealing.” A Menino spokeswoman says the administration is monitoring the situation and there are no current plans to forcibly evict the protesters.

Even if Mumbles Menino decided to evict them nobody would understand what he’s saying.

In Portland, Oregon, protesters visited a place most have never been to before. A bank.

As many as 300 Occupy Eugene protesters spent an afternoon demonstrating at bank offices, and 17 were arrested. Members of the group told police in advance Thursday they were planning civil disobedience, and the police told bankers they wouldn’t move against the protesters unless people refused to move on when asked. The Eugene Register-Guard reported (http://bit.ly/vL55zP ) that arrests, mostly for trespassing, were made at two bank offices, Bank of America and Chase, but not at three others. One person was charged with resisting arrest. Most of the banks managed to carry on at least some customer business during the protest.

Learning to work around the occupiers, apparently.

Occupying banks has spread to Philadelphia, where they’re taking a break from raping women.

Police have arrested about a dozen members of the Occupy Philadelphia movement who were protesting at a bank downtown. The protesters refused to leave the Wells Fargo branch on Friday evening and were arrested peacefully. Police Lt. Raymond Evers did not immediately release the number of demonstrators arrested or the charges they face. About two dozen members of Occupy Philadelphia were arrested on Thursday during a protest on the Market Street bridge.

Non-partisan Obama zombies showed up at a Donald Rumsfeld appearance in Tennessee.

A group of Occupy Nashville protesters disrupted a discussion with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about his memoir, “Known and Unknown,” and were ejected by security. The group says in a press release that an anonymous donor purchased four $125-a-plate dinners that allowed protesters to enter the Thursday night event, which was sponsored by the conservative Washington think tank the Heritage Foundation at a downtown Nashville hotel. They mingled with the crowd before standing up, one by one, and accusing Rumsfeld of being a war criminal. They also suggested Rumsfeld should go outside and submit to a citizen’s arrest.

Rumsfeld apparently  still walks free.

Tree lovers in Texas proved to be a problem for police.

Police say five people have been arrested after chaining themselves to a tree and refusing to leave during an Occupy Austin protest. Police Chief Art Acevedo says a sixth person chained to the tree Thursday night agreed to leave peacefully and was not detained.



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