Occupy Protestors Continue To Push The “Me” Meme

Posted by on Nov 27, 2011 at 8:01 am

Missing SD student turns up at NY Occupy protest.

Continuing to prove that these Occupy protestors are nothing more then young people who have not aged beyond 5 years old psychology, we have this heartwarming story of a young man from Wisconsin, where else, who just up and decided that he wanted to go to New York and savor the hipster lifestyle.

Aaron Schmidt seemed to have disappeared. The University of South Dakota freshman wasn’t responding to emails or cellphone messages, and his family hadn’t heard from him in days. It wasn’t until police were called that a clue turned up: a credit card purchase for a bus ticket to New York City.

Turns out, the 18-year-old had boarded a bus in eastern Nebraska — a mere $40 in his pocket — with plans to join Occupy Wall Street protesters in the city where the movement began. His father and uncle flew to New York from their homes in Wisconsin, and began handing out fliers with his photo to protesters.

With the headlines filled everyday with stories of coeds who go missing this boob thought nothing of just hopping on a bus and heading out of town. You see it is all about him. It’s what he wants. To hell with thinking through the consequences of his actions or considering those around him who might actually care about him.

It also appears that he has now become so full of himself and his importance in the cosmic universe that he is set to join the professional protest group. Word of warning for the young man. Except for a select group, doesn’t seem very fair does it, you can’t make a living being a protestor. Even for those who rise to the highest positions in the lefty eternal outrage machine the time at the top can be fleeting and the drop to obscurity can be sudden. Cindy Sheehan anyone? Once your usefulness is over you are kicked to the curb, probably with a good shot to the groin to boot.

The Occupy movement ought to adopt Alfred E. Neuman from Mad magazine as a symbol of what they are all about. “What, me worry?”

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