“Occupy” Losers to Take Back the Capitol or Something

Posted by on Dec 06, 2011 at 11:04 am

Looks like this temper tantrum will be the dying gasp of the collapsing “Occupy” movement, aided and abetted by the Democrats and their union zombies. Memo to Capitol police: Stock up on pepper spray, boys.

Just a day after 31 Occupy D.C. protesters were arrested after a clash with police in McPherson Square, a similar kind of demonstration is setting up camp on the National Mall.

Hundreds are expected to converge in Washington for a “Take Back the Capitol.” On Monday demonstrators including members of OurDC, the unemployed, faith leaders, labor unions and others set up what they called “The People’s Camp.”

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) visited the camp. Referring to the Capitol, which she said has become overrun by Tea Party members, she told a crowd it was “time to take back the ‘People’s House’ for the people.”

But remember, Democrats have nothing to do with this.

Here’s the big plans for the week. We can’t wait for the packing up and heading home part.

  • Tuesday: Visit congressional offices
  • Wednesday: Swarm lobbying offices on K Street
  • Thursday: Speak-outs throughout the Capitol, national prayer vigil and a mass march on key congressional leaders
  • Friday: Pack up and head home


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