“Occupy” Losers Storm Law & Order Set

Posted by on Dec 09, 2011 at 7:26 am

The hapless losers are flailing about wildly looking for attention. Now they’re trying to occupy the setting for television shows.

Pathetic. Maybe they ought to use these people to film Rebels Without a Clue.

More than 100 Occupy Wall Street demonstrators stormed the set for “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” across from the Manhattan State Supreme Courthouse, shutting down production of an OWS-themed episode.

“We made it so that they could not exploit us and that’s awesome,” said Tammy Schapiro, 29, of Brooklyn.

The protesters arrived around midnight at Foley Square and roamed around the park inspecting tents and signs built by the production company.

“This is not us,” said Drew Hornbein, 24, of Brooklyn Heights. “We are not part of corporate TV America.”

Some of the set signs read “End War on Workers” “Greed No” and “War Profiteers.”

About 100 police officers lined the perimeter of the production, preventing protesters from getting too close.

“It’s hysterical,” Hornbein said. “Two weeks ago they kicked us out of Zuccotti Park. Now they have this set trying to pretend it’s us. It’s odd.”

For a group of people with zero self respect, they have an awfully high opinion of themselves.
“This is bastardization going on. This is not the case of imitation is a form of flattery,” said a man identified as Scooby 49. “This is insulting.”
A guy named Scooby 49 is insulted?

One Response to ““Occupy” Losers Storm Law & Order Set”

  1. Rose on 9/09/11 at 8:56 am

    How totally weird of OWS to not realize the Producers and cast of Law and order are on THEIR OWN SIDE of the politic al spectrum!

    Too funny!