Occupy Boston? Why Bother—It’s Already All Yours

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 at 3:07 pm

What are these idiots saying in their tents overnight as they defecate in buckets that they can’t say during the day at rallies, marches, protests, etc?  And is anyone naïve enough to believe that, if the Tea Partiers had ignored laws regarding permits, campouts and the like, the city would allow them to stay, too?

No way. These lefties get to stay because Massachusetts IS an Occupied state.  We’re so overrun with lefty loons, anti-American activists and Cambridge kooks that the biggest problem the Occupods have here is finding anyone to protests AGAINST.

Remember—the Occupods had to go to court in Massachusetts because they couldn’t find anyone willing to sue them.

Occupy Boston? Why bother? It’s already all yours.

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