Occupy Boston Losers: Hey, Let’s Tax the Rich to Pay to Clean Up Our Mess

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 at 8:21 am

These punks just don’t get it, do they? They leave thousands of dollars in damage, they cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime costs for police, and now they have the gall to call for a tax increase to pay for their mess?

But occupier Tim Larkin, 29, a financial analyst, said the best way to recoup these and other occupation-related costs, including an estimated $1 million in police overtime, would be to “tax the rich.”

Occupy Boston, since its earliest days, has received cash donations. That money, an estimated $60,000, is managed by the group’s Financial Accountability Working Group. The group set aside only $2,500 for the park restoration, financial accountability members said.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s spokeswoman Dot Joyce yesterday said the city hasn’t asked the occupiers to pay for the park damage or police overtime.

But, she added, “if they wanted to give us money, we wouldn’t turn it down, either.”

No wonder even Democrats are running from these losers.

So what was the point? To trash Dewey Square? To leave literally hundreds of dump trucks full of garbage strewn about public parks across America?

Not having a point may help you avoid admitting defeat, but it also makes it nearly impossible to accomplish a demonstrable victory.

Occupiers love to point out that they poll well compared to the Tea Party, and it’s true. Neither movement has anything close to majority support from Americans. But the Tea Party has endured a negative media barrage for two years now, publicly smeared as “racist” and “radical” by members of Congress while alleged “journalists” were comfortable using the insulting label “teabaggers” in newscasts.

The Occupiers, on the other hand, have had sympathetic media coverage and, here in Massachusetts, prominent political support. Boston Mayor Tom Menino repeatedly affirmed the Occupy movement, and Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren famously took credit for its ideology.

Now compare the results of the two movements. The Tea Party helped the GOP win control of Congress and is a key part of the Republican presidential primary. But most Democrats across the U.S. have been careful to keep their distance from the Occupy movement.

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