Occupy Boston Losers Flee for Thanksgiving

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 at 8:16 am

C’mon, folks, we’ve been waiting for stories where you compare yourselves to hapless Native Americans who were terrorized by those evil pilgrims. The whole world is watching(!) and we need our Thanksgiving humor before we chow down tomorrow.

But no, the brave protesters who trash America at every opportunity are abandoning their cause to go occupy someone’s house for Thanksgiving, a great American celebration. Must be quite a dilemma for these deep thinkers.

Occupy Boston’s tent city is no settlement of hardy New England Pilgrims. Many of the unwashed and infamous Dewey Square squatters apparently will be heading home, as Occupy takes a holiday for Thanksgiving.

A random sampling yesterday found few committed to sticking around for turkey in the cold.

Lori Owens, 40, of Rochester, N.H., said she’s northbound to spend the holiday with her husband and two teenage children, who she admits think her current preOccupation is a little crazy.

“I’m going to fix Thanksgiving dinner and hang out with my family, and then on Saturday I’m coming back,” Owens said. “I haven’t seen my family in a week. … I miss them and I’m cold. I’d like to go back home and get in a bathtub and not have to walk two blocks to the bathroom.”

Yeah, it might be nice for children to see their mother now and then. But no, the selfish bitch has to make it all about her.

One transplant from Orlando said he might stay … depending on what’s on the Occupy menu. An Occupy food tent volunteer refused to say what that might be, but a glance around was not particularly appetizing. The ban on fire there is compelling some Occupiers to relocate to Franklin Park so they can use an open flame to cook their turkey day feed.

Geez, hasn’t he heard beggars can’t be choosy?

Die-hard Occupier Robert LaGrange, 46, was the only one the Herald found who was willing to commit to Thanksgiving on the windswept square.

“I’m gonna hang out here and wash dishes,” he said. “I believe that Occupation is important. I’ve got other Thanksgivings to do with my family.”

The Herald’s random polling suggests it might be a lonely dinner.

Here’s a thought. Mayor Thomas M. Menino is under a judge’s order not to clear out the camp. But with so many Occupiers suspending their free speech exercise for the holiday, why shouldn’t Menino be free to reclaim Dewey Square and his dignity by plowing the tents into Boston Harbor?

That would be something to be thankful for.

Indeed, it would be. Man up, Mumbles, and do the right thing.

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One Response to “Occupy Boston Losers Flee for Thanksgiving”

  1. Jenna Owens on 26/26/11 at 1:34 pm

    That “selfish bitch” you posted about happened to be my mother. I think that she sees us plenty, and I talked to her on the phone every single night. She was only gone for a week and was there for us, all throughout my life. Also, I don’t really think that her protesting is all that crazy, especially since it could make a potential difference for me, and my sister. She came home because we missed her, and she missed us. There is nothing wrong with that. Also, the Boston Herald misquoted her, as she went on to talk about how she was grateful to protest and why she is doing it. She’s doing it, as I stated earlier, to maybe make a better world for me and my family, and all of the 99%.