Occupy Boston Losers Evicted: “The Police Tricked Us”

Posted by on Dec 09, 2011 at 9:14 am

They’ve really got the best and brightest up there in Boston.

Davis estimated that about 1,000 protesters were in Dewey Square yesterday and into the early morning hours of today. That total has now dwindled to about 40, the commissioner said.

An effort by some members to spark a confrontation with police around 3 a.m. today ended quickly after police arrested two people for disorderly conduct who had erected tents on Atlantic Avenue.

This morning, about 40 people milling about the area near South Station with some of them cleaning up the area. Still more were still in their tents, sleeping. Some of the hallmarks of the encampment — the statue of Ghandi, the food tent and the library — have been removed.

Some protesters were cold, dirty and wet and what had been their home for weeks was strewn with trash, tarps, collapsed tents and a mixture of mud and grass from the run down Greenway the occupiers took over.

But not all of the protesters were fans of police and the commissioner.

A woman who would identify herself only as Bianca from Gloucester said she believed police tricked protesters into leaving.

“I’m very sad,’’ she said today. “I feel like the police tricked us and made out own people end the movement. People were scared and fled.

She added, “We’re rebuilding now and I’m not sure what kind of action will take place…I hope we can hang in longer.’’

I wonder of the Mother of the Movement, Elizabeth Warren, will come by to pay her respects?

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