Occupy Ann Arbor Embraces Radicals Who Endorse Obama

Posted by on Nov 09, 2011 at 1:32 pm

The radical 60’s group SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, have now joined forces with the Occupy forces, and in some respects are claiming credit for being the genesis of this national student temper tantrum. The SDS is the organization which spawned the Weather Underground which of course was home to Bill Ayers and Bernandine Dohrn who in turn were the radicals that inspired Barack Obama.

Ever since the campaign in 2008 I have been troubled by a nagging question. While attending Columbia University it is hinted that Barack Obama took part in some anti apartheid demonstrations as a member of the SDS, but no investigative reporting has ever been done on this. There has been numerous rumors concerning a protest at a New York airport against the South African soccer team that Obama may have participated in, but once again there seems to be a dearth of witnesses or anything concerning Obama’s time at Columbia. No doubt a large part of it is due to roadblocks put up by the administration of Columbia itself, but damn didn’t Barry have any friends in college?

Since we are on the topic of history repeating itself, Charlotte might want to get ready for some real fireworks. I mean it worked out so well for Chicago in 1968 when they hosted the DNC convention and the SDS showed up.

Hey maybe it will work out the same way.

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