Occupy Albany Goons Plan to Terrorize Kids Visiting Santa

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 at 10:42 am

This should go over well. Annoying the hell out of people already stressed out by Black Friday. They clearly want to instigate a beatdown so they can portray themselves as victims.

Occupy Black Friday Flash-Mob
Friday, November 25th
Crossgates Mall

Occupy Black Friday is an attempt at displaying the corporate perversion of the “Holiday Season” and asking the question, “why?” This will be accomplished through a “Peoples Mic” flash-mob.

The “People’s Mic” is utilized by a central speaker saying “Mic Check”, all within earshot respond with “Mic Check then all within earshot of the first group repeats until everyone has repeated the phrase. Once that is done then the central speaker proceeds to talk, using the same method.

The flash-mob will be start at Crossgates Mall food court where a “People’s Mic” will be held, then participates will disperse and reconvene at Santa Claus where another “People’s Mic” will be held. The mob will then leave Crossgates and travel to Colonie Center food court where there will be another “Peoples Mic.”

In the interest of maintaining the element of surprise exact times will be released in the near future.

Clearly literacy isn’t their strong suit.

Some think this isn’t well thought out. No kidding.

In what’s either a slow unfurling of a grand design or an adjustment to concerns that a demonstration that disrupts a child’s visit to Santa might be, uh, strategically unwise, the Occupy Black Friday page on Facebook devoted to the Crossgates/Colonie event was retooled at some point overnight. Also, the group has announced specific times for the appearances.

The Business Review reported this morning that Crossgates isn’t planning to amp up security beyond what they’ve already set up for Black Friday, and is “cautiously optimistic” that the group will be respectful of shoppers.

Oh sure, these thugs will be respectful. Riiiiiight. What they might respect is getting punched in the face, no doubt to the applause of shoppers.

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