Occupier Threatens to Bomb Fort Myers PD: “We Are a Peaceful Movement”

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The best and brightest here. I don’t know, but I figure if I wanted to become a domestic terrorist like this Occupier I wouldn’t be advertising my intentions on Facebook. Just goes to show that not only are these lowlifes unemployable, they just plain stupid (via NRO).

A second Occupy Fort Myers participant has been arrested, a 22-year-old Cape Coral man who’s charged with making a bomb threat threatening to discharge a destructive device after Fort Myers police were alerted to a comment on Facebook.

Ryan Komosinski’s alleged actions might have been sparked by his displeasure with the first arrest of an Occupier, a woman accused of resisting police attempts to move the group out of Centennial Park on Thursday night, according to another Occupier who knows both suspects.

Police spokeswoman Shelly Flynn said police were informed of a bomb threat to the Fort Myers department Saturday evening. The anonymous tip mentioned a Facebook comment in which the writer said he would “bomb the Fort Myers Police Department.”

During a search on Facebook, Flynn says officers found a comment by Komosinski stating: “I’m bombing the FMPD, (expletive) them.”

Flynn said there also were several derogatory comments about Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, who Friday afternoon had forced Occupy Fort Myers demonstrators to move their camp from outside the Old County Courthouse. This was after Fort Myers police had moved the campers out of Centennial Park late Thursday night, which is when the first arrest — of the woman who allegedly became violent with officers — took place.

Police found Komosinski in downtown Fort Myers at First and Hendry Streets. He admitted to posting the comment, Flynn said.

“Komo did the wrong thing,” said Matthew McDowell, 33, who has protested with Occupy Fort Myers since the first day of the movement Oct. 15. “It’s not something we condone. We are a peaceful movement.”

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