Obama White House lectures Iraqis on reaching out to political opponents

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 at 8:47 am

The politicians in Baghdad have in their own way been working hard at this democracy business, especially hard now that most U.S. troops are gone.

Iraq’s leaders have no doubt been monitoring CNN International in recent days as the needless payroll tax extension fight in that exotic place called Washington was settled, fell apart and now both houses of Congress have packed up without any agreement. As if another legislative month off was more important than the nation’s struggling economy.

They see this Democrat Harry Reid fellow saying no, absolutely no way will he name Senate conferees to work together with Republicans on a year-long tax cut extension, which he really wants, until the House passes a two-month extension, which Reid only says he wants. So, Reid the petulant politician closes the Senate.

And Iraqi leaders see the U.S. House not even voting on the two-month extension because its newest members want a year-long extension like everybody else and they also feel like needling their own sect leader a bit. So, they waste a vote demanding that the other chamber do what everyone knows it’s not going to do.

And they see the president of the United States, who wanted a year-long extension until he thought he got Republicans in a PR bind over two months, jabbering only at the GOP about its extraneous demands.

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