Obama Website Now Pimping Yoga Pants and Soy Candles

Posted by on Nov 26, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Is there nothing this tool won’t sell in his insatiable thirst for more and more money? Seriously, Obama yoga pants? WTF?

Having trouble deciding what to get the family for Christmas?

Well, fear not, my fellow Americans — because President Obama has a full online catalog of goodies that are certain to bring happiness and joy to your loved ones.

President Obama’s campaign team has put together a website to remind us what the Yuletide season is truly all about — getting him re-elected. So they’ve decided to offer Americans a collection of special decorations for the “holiday” season.

Barack Obama.com was careful to use the word “holiday” — but I suspect these decorations are meant for “Christmas” celebrations.

The campaign is offering a lovely “Rhodium Ball Ornament” with the words “Obama and Biden.” The festive ornament will set you back $40.

“Brighten up your usual holiday decorations with this set of two Obama 2012 glass ornaments,” Barack Obama.com declares.

And if you are tired of the aroma of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, President Obama has an environmentally-correct “soy candle” for $20. The campaign says it’s a great way to “light up” this “holiday” season. Again, I believe they are referring to Christmas.

Now let’s face it — between Thanksgiving and Christmas there’s a pretty good chance Americans will put on a few pounds. And we sure don’t want to disappoint the First Lady. So — as they say at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — Let’s Move!

In what may very well be a first in presidential accessorizing, Barack Obama.com is offering President Obama Yoga Pants.

“Whether you’re in yoga class or lazing around on your favorite couch, these exercise pants will keep you comfy and stylish,” the website proclaims.

Check out the yoga pants. How stylish. Empty pants for the empty president. Didn’t this guy just claim Americans had become soft? He should know.


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