Obama pretends to sympathize with Occupy, but protesters get no reforms, no candidates — no impact

Posted by on Nov 20, 2011 at 8:54 am

This week an eccentric Midtown Manhattan newspaper editorialized, seemingly with deadpan irony, that “The Occupy Wall Street protesters had achieved a great deal” before the forces of Mayor Bloomberg literally cleaned the scum out of Zuccotti Park.

In fact, the sum total of what Occupy Wall Street has accomplished is zero. The media that defend OWS claim that it is a success because it has . . . gotten lots of media coverage. But inspiring chat around the national watercooler is not an achievement. If media mentions equalled political importance, we’d all be waiting for President Kardashian’s big speech about Iran.

 The OWS movement amounts to a floating rave: It’s Leftapalooza. Or maybe, given its bratty, entitled, loserish stench, it’s Leftoutapalooza. In any case, as with most parties, it may kick up a lot of mischief while it lasts, but on Monday morning all it leaves you is a headache and a cleaning bill.

Consider what the Tea Party accomplished: It started out with a single coherent message — opposition to government hyperactivity in the realm of spending, taxing, cronyism and bailouts — and then leveraged that into rallies, Town Hall confrontations and insurgent political campaigns.

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