Oakland Police Have New and Improved Plan to Remove “Occupy” Anarchists

Posted by on Nov 09, 2011 at 11:43 am

Should have done this weeks ago. Well, actually they did remove them but the feckless mayor caved in and allowed them back.

Whatever the case, this is sure to get ugly.

Oakland police have canceled all training exercises for next week, which is a “pretty good indication” that the cops are making plans once again to clear out the Occupy camp outside City Hall, according to a source in the Police Department.

The next step – if there is one – would be to cancel police leaves and put out the call for mutual aid from surrounding law enforcement agencies.

According to the source, police brass issued the no-training order just about the time Mayor Jean Quan handed out a warning Tuesday to the Occupy camp that “we cannot ignore violence, property destruction and health and safety issues in Frank Ogawa Plaza.”

Plus, Quan said, “neighborhoods are hurting because city services already stretched by budget cuts face additional demands responding to emergencies downtown.”

Quan has been under fire from all sides for her handling of the Occupy encampment. Her activist supporters on the left criticized her decision to have police clear out the camp Oct. 25, while others were stunned by her subsequent decision to let the Occupiers return.

The warning comes as some critics are also calling for Quan’s recall.

As usual, Quan asked Occupy campers to “dialogue” with her office about a “peaceful resolution” to the encampment.

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2 Responses to “Oakland Police Have New and Improved Plan to Remove “Occupy” Anarchists”

  1. Henry Hawkins on 9/09/11 at 1:39 pm

    Quan is of the school that believes Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement approach is best when dealing with psychotics, but, like communism, it just hasn’t been done *correctly* before. Good luck with that, Mayor.

  2. el polacko on 9/09/11 at 11:43 pm

    this un-elected mayor is the same moron who tried to foist ‘ebonics’ on us when she sat on the school board and who thinks that giving away free basketballs is the answer to crime. she lives in la-la land.
    the encampment, which has gone from being populated by berkeley hippie protesters to mostly by homeless drug addicts, is not going away willingly after a ‘rap session’ with her. stand by for more tear gas and national coverage that will further damage the image of what is, otherwise, a pretty nice city to live in.