“Now That They Finally Got Rid of All the Degenerates, It’s Ours Again”

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 at 7:25 am

Sanity has been restored at Zuccotti Park, where the people who actually work for a living can again take their lunch break in peace now that the human debris has been cleared out.

The people have taken back the park.

Life finally returned to normal at Zuccotti Park yesterday, as a crew of hard hats working at the World Trade Center enjoyed their lunch free of Occupy Wall Street tents, drums, and druggies.

“This was our spot!” exclaimed Local 580 ironworker Vinny DelPrincipe, 40, chomping on a sandwich along with 20 or so buddies despite an overcast sky.

“Now that they finally got rid of all the degenerates, it’s ours again.”

He and his fellow hard hats — union members all — cheered Mayor Bloomberg’s decision last week to tear down the tent city.

“It’s the best thing the city could have done — finally throw everyone out of here,”said another Local 580 ironworker Thomas Hamann, 45, who, like the others, is working at Four World Trade Center.The men grubbed in the southern end of the park — and there wasn’t a protester around.

The 30 or so holdout protesters cowered at the opposite end of Zuccotti during yesterday’s lunch hour — steering clear of the tough construction crew.

“It’s definitely nice to have our lunch spot back. We had been down here for eight or nine months before the protest started,” said Local 28 worker Greg Frome, 32.

Meanwhile, the hot-headed protester from Ohio busted Saturday, allegedly with a handgun and a cache of bullets, remained locked up in the Tombs in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Tattoo artist Joshua Fellows, 32, of Youngstown, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon after cops found an unlicensed .45 and 32 rounds of ammo in a rental truck he’d been driving around the protest.

Ironically, this clown Fellow was fled Occupy Asheville after that was shut down a few weeks ago. These degenerates sure do get around.

“Agenda, everybody is here for different reasons whether they’re upset over one thing or another,” said Joshua Fellows. “But I think as a whole we understand and know that something’s not right and it needs to change.”

Fellows said protesters came out in Asheville to encourage peaceful protesting.

Peaceful protesting, except for the part with unlicensed weapons.

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