New Occupy Oakland Encampment Already De-Occupied

Posted by on Nov 20, 2011 at 12:52 pm

The fading Occupy Oakland movement decided to plop themselves down again Saturday evening, but by Sunday morning they’ve already gotten the boot. Are there any adults in the crowd there to let them know it’s over?

Police Sunday cleared anti-Wall Street protesters from a vacant lot and public park in Oakland a day after they had erected a tent camp to replace one torn down by authorities in the northern California city.

There were no reports of arrests or violence.

Protesters marched to the lot and tore down a chain-link fence before pitching tents as a light rain started. Police on the scene did not immediately intervene and the camp later expanded into an adjacent public park.

“Occupy Oakland has a new home at 19th and Telegraph,” organizers said in a message to supporters, adding there would be a big “housewarming” party. “Bring tents!”

Um, how do you have a housewarming when you’re camping on a vacant lot?

The locals have pretty much had their fill of these miscreants.

One nearby resident expressed unhappiness about the new site.

“I supported Occupy Oakland,” Sherbeam Wright told the San Francisco Chronicle. “At this point I don’t know what they stand for anymore.”

At what point did anyone know what they stood for?

It appears December 12 is their next big strike.

The Oakland protesters also announced plans to shut down all West Coast ports on Dec. 12, cooperating with protesters in Los Angeles. The Oakland group had briefly forced the northern California city’s port to close earlier this month.

Good luck having the police cooperating.

Meanwhile, the brave warriors prepared for battle, just in case.

One man, pushing a shopping cart, passed out rocks and sticks “just in case” as organizers pleaded for protesters to stay and “defend” the encampment.

“I think it’s important to be able to show an ongoing presence. It’s to show our physical numbers. It makes a visual statement,” said Thandiwe Satterwhite, a Berkeley music teacher who carried a placard saying “Do Not Disturb Occupants.”


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