New Oakland Obamaville Quickly Dismantled

Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 at 11:27 am

This has become so pathetic you almost feel sorry for these losers.


A fenced-off triangle of land that became the new Occupy Oakland encampment was being dismantled by police Wednesday night after the property owner urged authorities to remove the squatters.

The 15 tents, makeshift kitchen and a bathroom on the city’s industrial west side got the same treatment as other recent encampments – it was taken down almost as soon as it went up.

Since police dismantled Occupy Oakland’s original tent city outside City Hall on Nov. 14, protesters fed up with economic inequality and corporate greed have sought to set up a new base for the cause and a new encampment for homeless people who gravitated to the movement.

One layabout is hardest hit.
The sweep means another move for Alex Thompson, 28. The homeless woman said she had moved from one Occupy camp to another since October, when she and her mother were evicted from an Oakland residential motel after a dispute with the owner.

Thompson said she had no income of any kind, or even identification, and did not want to seek help at a homeless shelter. She said she was happy to be the “camp dog-sitter.”

“I’m not ready to go indoors,” she said. “If I get tied to one place for too long, I don’t do anything. At least out here I’m doing something.”

An what exactly is she doing?

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