Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: “One day we’ll kill all Jews”

Posted by on Nov 26, 2011 at 8:35 am

Gee, sounds like a democracy is rising in Egypt, huh?

A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo’s most prominent mosque Friday turned into a venomous anti-Israel protest, with attendants vowing to “one day kill all Jews.”

Some 5,000 people joined the rally, called to promote the “battle against Jerusalem’s Judaization.” The event coincided with the anniversary of the United Nations’ partition plan in 1947, which called for the establishment of a Jewish state.

However, most worshippers who prayed at the mosque Friday quickly left it before the Muslim Brotherhood’s rally got underway. A group spokesman urged attendants to remain for the protest, asking them not to create a bad impression for the media by leaving.

Speakers at the event delivered impassioned, hateful speeches against Israel, slamming the “Zionist occupiers” and the “treacherous Jews.” Upon leaving the rally, worshippers were given small flags, with Egypt’s flag on one side and the Palestinian flag on the other, as well as maps of Jerusalem’s Old City detailing where “Zionists are aiming to change Jerusalem’s Muslim character.”

Muslim Brotherhood spokesmen, as well as Palestinian guest speakers, made explicit calls for Jihad and for liberating the whole of Palestine. Time and again, a Koran quote vowing that “one day we shall kill all the Jews” was uttered at the site. Meanwhile, businessmen in the crowd were urged to invest funds in Jerusalem in order to prevent the acquisition of land and homes by Jews.

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One Response to “Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: “One day we’ll kill all Jews””

  1. Vitorino Batalim on 27/27/11 at 8:42 am

    Why do they say, they will keel all the Jews instead of saying they will keel the Zionists? Because real Jews are not Zionists and Zionists want them to be keeled as they deed during WWII and are going to do with non Zionist Jews in America. That speach from Muslim Brotherhood is inspired and dictated by Zionists who control the brotherhoods as they do with Hammas, Hezzebollah, Kurds and Al Qaeda.