Mumbles Menino Gives Occupy Boston Midnight Deadline

Posted by on Dec 08, 2011 at 11:31 am

Time to go, kiddies.

Mayor Thomas Menino has told Occupy Boston protesters they must leave their encampment in the city’s financial district by midnight or face eviction.

The mayor said Thursday he’ll be encouraging the protesters to leave voluntarily.

Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Menino, said if they refuse to leave police would take “necessary and appropriate” action to remove the encampment.

Let’s hope the “necessary and appropriate” action includes wooden shampoos.

The mutants are shocked by Menino’s decision, which makes some sense since he was such an unabashed supporter at first.

Occupier Dave Lenhert said occupiers are shocked by Menino’s edict.

“I expected he would have given us a little more time, and I thought he would have been a little more gracious,” Lenhert said. “But he’s completely within his rights, I guess, since the court ruled that way.

“We aren’t expecting a police raid, so people aren’t panicking too hard,” Lenhert added today.

Lenhert said the group voted last night to spend $1,000 to rent U-Haul trucks to cart away people’s valuables.

“Within the hour, someone will be heading out to pick them up,” he said.

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