MSNBC: About as Racist As You Can Get and Not Wear a Sheet

Posted by on Nov 07, 2011 at 8:48 pm

MSNBC’s Karen Finney: Will GOP Rally Around Cain Despite Accuser Being White? | Mediaite.

I read the Mediaite article and not believing somebody could actually say the things alleged in print I watched the video just to see how badly their words had been distorted. I still don’t know how to adequately respond to the fact that what was quoted was actually said, but also agreed to either by nodding heads or insipid giggling by the other panelists.

“It’s very jarring for the GOP, for anybody, I think, to see a black man be sexually aggressive in an unwanted way toward a blonde, white — especially a blonde, white woman,” added Touré.

Are these people that blinded by their own prejudices that they think conservatives and Republicans really think this way? Are they that shallow or do they think their audience is? When it comes to scrapping the bottom of the barrel the attitudes and comments on display in this skit passing as some sort of insightful analysis definitely takes the cake.

I am honestly taken aback by this display of, for lack of better word, ignorance. Even from MSNBC. Unfortunately, Mr Herman Cain is from the wrong side of the political spectrum so he can expect no help from usual defenders of civil liberties or those which can spot racism in the zebra exhibit at a zoo. No, there won’t be anybody stepping up to defend this black man, even MSNBC’s own token black guy Al Sharpton.

I just don’t get this panelist’s thought process or, really, lack of thought, and am still shaking my head. Every African American  should be just as appalled by these comments as I am and if you aren’t you really need to examine your rationale for supporting what this failure of a cable news network is. And remember, these are the so-called tolerant liberals, but it really says more about them then it does any other sector of society they wish to smear with there blatant racism.

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