Mostly Peaceful Stabbing at Occupy Baltimore

Posted by on Dec 06, 2011 at 1:35 pm

We haven’t heard much from this freakshow since the rape there awhile back and subsequent attempts to downplay it. Well, apparently conditions there haven’t improved much.

Baltimore Police say a 24-year-old woman was stabbed during a dispute around midnight Saturday at the Occupy Baltimore encampment at the Inner Harbor.

According to a police report, officers arrived at McKeldin Square just after midnight for a report of an assault and spoke to the victim, who said she and 23-year-old Desiree Nicholson had gotten into an argument “because [Nicholson] was not taking care of her cat,” according to report.

She said Nicholson kicked her in the stomach, and then stabbed her on her arm and thigh with a knife. The victim was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital for treatment, police said.

Nicholson, who police said lives in Halethorpe, was charged with first-degree assault and was being held on $75,000 bond. According to court records, she does not have a prior criminal record.

The Occupy protest, a local offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement that seeks to call attention to income inequality and other issues, recently reached its two month anniversary. But it has struggled at times deal with a dwindling number of core leaders, the seemingly imminent threat of eviction, and allegations of crime and drug use among some who have frequented the encampment.

Organizer Annemarie Rush said the victim and suspect have been staying at the site for “quite some time, but they are not considered to be active participants in our greater goals.”

That’s always the case, isn’t it? Yeah, well they’re here all the time, but we’ve got nothing to do with them.


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