Mostly Peaceful Riot Police Clear Out Baltimore Obamaville

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 at 7:30 am

How many of these “Occupy” camps are left? Across the nation police under orders from Democrat mayors have cleared out the Obamavilles that have sprung up protesting something or other. After three months nobody knows what they’re complaining about. Anyway, wave farewell to the goons in Baltimore.

Baltimore police in riot gear moved in full force but peacefully evicted protesters with the Occupy Baltimore movement from the Inner Harbor‘s McKeldin Square during the early morning hours Tuesday.

Officials reported no arrests. About 40 people grabbed their belongings and left the encampment, surrounded by police wearing shields and carrying nightsticks who stayed on the periphery. Those who were homeless were given the option of climbing into city buses to be taken to a shelter.

The eviction, long alluded to by city officials, brought the 10-week protest to an end. For the most part, protesters seemed disappointed to be leaving but said police had been respectful.

“I’m very impressed by the level of civility that’s been shown. There’s mutual respect on both sides,” said Mike Gibb, 21. “It’s nothing like Oakland, nothing like Los Angeles.”

Others said the eviction was abrupt and unnecessary. “It’s 4 in the morning,” said Derrick Marshall, 34, who left behind a backpack with books and medicine. “They could’ve done this at 4 in the afternoon. It’s cold. … Everything I own is back there.”

Derrick apparently has no idea what the words “element of surprise” mean.

City officials had reiterated that they would “take action at a time of our choosing” when asked of their plans for the protest. That time came at 3:18 a.m., marked police cruisers began blocking off a radius around McKeldin Square, blocking trucks and other cars from leaving via Light Street.

Next, dozens of officers in riot gear fanned out and formed a perimeter. A helicopter buzzed overhead. A man in the encampment began yelling “Mic check!”, presumably to awaken the others, who were told by police that they had 20 minutes to gather belongings. After they were cleared, tents were dismantled and garbage trucks moved in.

To the very end they continue with the childish mic checks.

How sad. Bye bye, losers.

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