Mostly Peaceful Occupy Tulsa Rallies in Support of Accused Murderer

Posted by on Dec 09, 2011 at 9:23 am

Forget protesting so-called inequality. Now it’s all about “social justice” or something.

Occupy Tulsa rallied in support of an accused hit man’s constitutional rights Thursday evening. Terrico Bethel is accused of gunning down Tulsa businessman Neal Sweeney at his east Tulsa office, in September of 2008. It’s a hit prosecutors say was planned by Mohammad Aziz, a north Tulsa gas station owner, who didn’t want to pay Sweeney for fuel delivery.

Usually occupiers are out at Centennial Green near 6th and Main Street, but for a few hours close to 50 people stood outside the David L Moss Correctional Center unafraid of backlash that this rally could bring their way.

Occupiers say this not about whether Bethel is guilty or innocent.

“I know for a fact he has rights that are being denied of him,” Chris Nichols said.

When asked to elaborate, Nichols said, “it’s not necessarily right that he’s been detained for what’s been going on three years.”

Supporting bethel’s sixth amendment right to a speedy trial … is a move that’s sure to fire up the opposition
It’s something not even bethel’s mother expected.

“(I was) very shocked, very surprised, very pleased, I mean, I am still kind of overwhelmed by it,” Glenda Gray said.

The people behind Occupy Tulsa say their mission is broader than just eliminating corporate greed in Tulsa and across the globe.

“We’re willing to devote what resources we have to social justice,” Nichols said.

No matter whom Nichols says they offend, inspire, or alarm.

“We have the obligation as a society to advocate for justice whether or not we are socially degraded for it.”


Here’s video:


One Response to “Mostly Peaceful Occupy Tulsa Rallies in Support of Accused Murderer”

  1. msr on 10/10/11 at 8:06 am

    Well, giving the guy a speedy trial does sound like a good thing. Particularly if followed by the execution 15 or 20 minutes later.