Mostly Peaceful Occupy St. Louis Man Charged With Trying to Occupy Woman Against Her Will

Posted by on Nov 19, 2011 at 11:01 am

He is the 99%.

A 20-year-old woman participating in the OccupySTL protest reported to police that a man sexually assaulted her while she was in her tent on November 8, three days before tents were removed by the city.  A St. Louis City police officer says the mayor could have prevented it.

Brian E. King, 38, was charged with first degree sexual misconduct after police said he crawled into the victim’s tent and touched her breast.  The assault happened on November 8 at the encampment that used to be set up in Kiener Plaza.

A blogger from St. Louis posted a video of St. Louis Police Sgt. Gary Wiegert talking about how the mayor could have prevented the attack.  In the video, Wieger says, “I believe if the mayor would allow the police department to do its job and take care of this problem and not allow these tents to be set up, this sexual assault wouldn’t have happened. This is what happens when politics gets involved with police work.”

Naturally, the violent, raucous Tea Party is to blame.

Later today in an interview with KMOV TV, the mayor’s Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford commented on the assault by lashing out at the tea party. He also called St. Louis Police Sgt. Gary Wiegert, the officer who broke the story, an extremist.



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