Media Matters, Think Tank Under Fire for Israel Commentary

Posted by on Dec 18, 2011 at 3:39 pm

Two left-leaning Washington organizations are facing heated criticism for their Israel-related coverage and commentary after throwing around the disparaging term “Israel firster” and accusing the Simon Wiesenthal Center — a group dedicated to tolerance — of being a “far-right” outfit.

The comments by writers for the Center for American Progress, a think tank, and Media Matters, a media advocacy group, have received increasing attention over the past week, in particular for their criticism of American supporters of Israel and for their repeated downplaying of the threat posed by a nuclear Iran. The CAP also was reproached for its criticism of the Simon Wiesenthal Center as a partisan outfit.

The Wiesenthal Center responded this week with a lengthy statement that condemned the remarks and suggested that the organizations are trying to make it difficult for others “to take a position sympathetic to the Jewish state.”

At issue is a litany of blogs, stories and tweets over the past year from the CAP and Media Matters, whose founder has committed to launching a “war” on Fox News.

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