Manhattan Man Arrested in Bid to Bomb NYPD and Military Sites; Update: A Homegrown Muslim Convert

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Must be one of those tea party terrorists we’ve been warned about for three years.

The authorities have arrested a man who law enforcement officials believe was planning to build and detonate a bomb in New York with government workers as the target, a person briefed on the case said on Sunday.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly of the New York Police Department, and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. were expected to announce the charges against the man at 7:30 p.m. at a news conference at City Hall.

The man was arrested within the last 24 hours.

The defendant in the case – whose identity could not be learned – had bought bomb-making materials and “began to build them,” said the person briefed on the case, who added that the Police Department had had the man under surveillance for about a year.

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The NYPD and Manhattan DA’s office have arrested a terror suspect who was planning to bomb city police facilities and US military sites, where he plotted to target returning war personnel and the families who gathered to welcome them home, The Post has learned.

The suspect, who lives in Manhattan, was arrested after he actually purchased bomb-making materials, sources said.

Clearly this is just a clever ploy by Bloomberg to distract folks from the drum circle outside his building.


Update:  An apparent al-Awlaki connection.

A Dominican with an anti-American grudge has been busted for building a bomb in his upper Manhattan apartment to blow up a police station, sources said Sunday night.

Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. were expected to discuss details of the alleged terror threat at a City Hall press conference Sunday night.

The suspect, whose name was not immediately released, had been under surveillance by the NYPD counter-terrorism officers for some time, a source said.

Cops raided his Convent Ave. apartment in upper Manhattan earlier this week when an NYPD informant tipped them off that the suspect was assembling a bomb, the source said.

The would-be saboteur has apparently learned to build an explosive through web sites founded by Anwar al—Awlaki, the American-born jihadist cleric killed in September in a CIA-led drone strike in Yemen, the source said.

The suspect was identified through one of the al-Awlaki web sites, where he posted anti-American comments, the source said.

He’s identified as Jose Pimentel, a Muslim convert.

A Muslim convert was arrested today for allegedly making bombs in New York City after a year-long investigation.

According to initial accounts, Jose Pimentel, a loner who lives with his mother in the Bronx, was charged with making pipe bombs.

Officials say Pimentel is apparently a “lone wolf” with no known connection to any foreign terrorists or local radicalized individuals.

 He spent much of his time on the Internet, according to sources, and regularly visited TrueIslam1, a radical website that describes itself as a “blog setup to educate people about the True Religion of Islam as revealed to the Last Prophet Muhammad.”

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