Limousine Liberal Alec Baldwin: “I gotta run for mayor, so I can get these [bleeping] limos out of the way”

Posted by on Nov 30, 2011 at 7:33 am

Most people might run for public office so they can help others. Not Alec Baldwin. The ultimate limousine liberal wants to become Mayor of New York City so he can park wherever he wants and not be inconvenienced.

A regular man of the people.

Alec “What’s in your wallet?” Baldwin wants to run for mayor — so he can keep motorists from blocking his Town Car. The “30 Rock” star was caught on camera Monday night cajoling security at an event to shoo away idling limos blocking his own ride. Fuming Baldwin was seen stalking the row of limos and urging drivers to move, while muttering, “I gotta run for mayor, so I can get these [bleeping] limos out of the way.” A fan tried to help the stricken star by telling a driver, “This is a Baldwin! Not even Stephen. This is Alec!” Baldwin got back in his car and rolled down a rear window to mutter some more profanities.

Since his man Obama is coming to New York City during rush hour today for some fundraisers, maybe Baldwin can use the subway. The always savvy Obama will be bringing Manhattan to a standstill at the same time as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting while he shakes down supporters, asking them what’s in their wallet.

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